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About conference

infor-media Russia is glad to invite you to VII Practical conference “Promotion strategies of pharmaceutical products and brands 2016”, April 11–12, 2016, Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya.

Brand’s life cycle is difficult and many-sided process, where repeated changing of impact factors happens. One of the key factors of successful brand is ability to match, predict further fortune correctly.

This year we are holding the conference under the motto “Life-length brand”, to the first steps of development and promotion of the brand correctly identify the characteristics and the nature of its life cycle, which will continue to depend on the choice of a marketing strategy of the brand, the direction of its communications, correctly and competently correctives made in the various stages of its existence.


Why do you need to take part?

— The main conference on pharmaceutical marketing in Russia.

— The multifaceted analyze of brand’s life on every stage of its development.

— 7+ practical cases, 3+ workshops. Not abstract strategy, but only necessary in the practice!

— Only TOP-speakers, recognized experts of pharmaceutical market.

— Special one-day workshop of STANISLAV RESHETNIKOV, Marketing Director, Otisipharm.


On the agenda:

Magic of creation: Brand Elaboration

WORK-SHOP. How blockbusters are born: the secrets of launch

PRACTICUM! Finished state and holding of leadership

WORK-SHOP: Portfolio Management Strategy in pharmaceutical company

LIVE-SAVING SERVICE! How to get maximum on the time of falling

Evening of “Advertising eaters”! Annual nomination “The best advert of 2016”


Don’t miss it! 11, April

WORK-SHOP. Coming out of Evgeniya Lamina or why everyone hates launch 

Description of the workshop:

  • How does a marketer need to plan enter to pharmacy retail?
  • How to beat the marketing of distribution network out?
  • How “to sell” the idea to pharmacy chains?


VP sales and trading, NovaMedia


WORK-SHOP. Portfolio Management Strategy in pharmaceutical company

Description of the workshop:

  • Strategic planning process in pharmaceutical company: overview of strategic possibilities 
  • The use of scenario analysis for strategic uncertainties management
  • Special aspects of the use of classical strategic marketing tools for different business-models in Russia
  • Modern approaches at the marking of promo-channels’ effectiveness and optimization


director of commercial effectiveness and operational development department, PFIZER in Russia


Hurry up! 12, April


One-day workshop about the practical aspects which are able to “switch” promotion companies of OTC-brand


STANISLAV RESHETNIKOV, Marketing Director, Otcpharm (earlierOTC Department, Pharmstandart)

He graduated from the MMA Sechenov, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ph.D. main professional experience with marketing and promotion of OTC drugs and Semi — ethical Rx-products.

Work experience: Organon, Schering-Plough, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Ivax, Roche, Pharmstandard

Description of the workshop:

We are living and working not in easy time, but in very interesting.

Golden days of organic growth in the consumption of goods and services have ended. If earlier marketer of pharmaceutical companies were allowed to remain refined theoretician and "celestial" — now the brutal realities force to transform even the most rigid brand managers.

We face the returning competition and the need to increase through aggressive weaning share, new restrictions from regulatory legislation, changes in consumer behavior and communication channels and so on... the list could be continued.

There is only one way out — to increase efficiency!

The success of the marketing of OTC drugs is often represented as a difficult challenge where commercial component, communication with the end-user and the professional community, medical and sales representatives, pharmacy chains, etc. convolve in one clew.

In fact, this list often contains a lot of "husk", which has a small or uncertain impact on the final result, but this "husk" distracts marketers and takes his time and creative resources. And there are some really important components that determine the end result of a campaign by 90% — this is the "secret tumblers" of efficiency.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in one-day workshop, where we will look for the buttons and to learn the right push.

We will work in a duplex mode, and in the following key questions:

  • Is it possible to turn a bad pharmaceutical product in good?
  • What sources of information useful and which are formal?
  • What practical benefit can be derived from routine syndicated research?
  • versus they — how to assess their position to the competition?
  • «Pathways of client": how to detect a pattern of consumer behavior?
  • Restructured market: why is it important?
  • Where to look for potential business growth?
  • «So, your product is very old, and he is dying..." What's next?
  • How to seduce a pharmacy chain: Are there any secrets retail pick-up!
  • Communication strategy: positioning differs from the essence of the brand, and why the 10 key messages are a sign of marketing dementia.
  • Why is easy to make bad advertizing and so hard good?
  • Why OTC brand manager may skip the national cyclic meetings?

…And so on…


We are sure that you will find the topics which are interesting personally for you!

Traditionally, the special terms NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY is available for you! With our help, you will be able to arrange negotiations with partners!




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