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Olga Alesina,
Digital Marketing Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals



Marina Baranoff,
capabilities building manager, Novrtis Pharma



Sergey Beloborodov,
executive director, Sentiss Rus



Artem Bestalantov,
project manager, Ipsos Healthcare



Anna Bogatskaya,
Head of Sales, TMG (Moscow)



Oleg Goncharov,
Marketing Director, Apteka 24 Pharmacy Chain



Evgeniy Gordeev,
general director, BREFFI



Garrett Martin Johnston,
CEO of macroscope consulting



Elena Il’ina,
Vice-President for Business Development, NovaMedica



Fedor Kadykov,
BD Director, Pfizer in Russia



Elena Kiparenko,
Head of Marketing and Advertising Department, Alkoy group of companies



Igor Klimanov,
corporation development director, ProfitMed



Oksana Krasnykh,
Commercial Director, Materia Medica Holding



Ilya Kupriyanov,
Development Director, Doctor at Work



Evgenia Lamina,
Commercial Director, 36.6 Pharmacy Chain



Tatyana Laricheva,
Head of General Therapy Department, TEVA



Andrey Lebedev,
Head of Business Performance Management, Boehringer Ingelheim LLC



Konstantin Minin,
General Director, Gevarus



Veniamin Munblit,
director of “Analytics and Counseling” unit, Ipsos Healthcare



Elena Nedzvetskaya,
Marketing Director, 36.6 Pharmacy Chain



Valentina Razenkova,
Head of Marketing, "NTM"



Maria Rusinova,
Director for Analytical Work, Valenta Pharmaceuticals



Oleg Feldman,
managing director, Ipsos Healthcare



Dmitry Shchurov,
Director, Strategic Planning and Operational Development, Pfizer in Russia



Evgeniya Eyramdzhants,
Head of a Market Research Group, OTC PHARM







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